The artist shows the audience something unique that was noticed by him in a short moment in the vast time of his life.

I am not an exception - I am a part of the world of artists, and therefore I constantly look at life either through a microscope or through a telescope.

I am looking for exceptional and unique manifestations of reality in the smallest forms of the nature surrounding me.

I am looking for clues inside the process of meditation, which is an important part of my life.

I am looking for answers about the purpose of being, studying the ancient science of Astrology and applying its laws to my own Path on Earth.

But words are too stingy to describe it, so I chose my own language – the language of canvas and oil paints. I know that I am on the right track. I am sure of it, because I am enjoying every moment of time I have spent, creating a new artwork. At these moments I talk to my inner self, and this conversation can last for hours.

My work is not a static picture, it is a meditative rhythm, it is a flow of life, it is an experience that will open up to you in a new way every time. Perhaps you will solve this riddle, perhaps my stories will forever remain a mystery to you. But only one thing is important – you will be happy alone with my paintings that will decorate your home.

  1. National Youth Art School of Kazan, Russia.
  2. School of Art "ArtMir" at the Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg 2008-2012.
  3. Practice in 2010-2013 in the workshops of contemporary Russian artists Valery Shishkin, Anna Marinova, Andrey Romasyukov.
  4. Saint Petersburg Academy of Astrology 2010-2014.

2012 opening of my own drawing school "Talent Company" for teaching adults and children.

2010-2018 I painted pictures in the technique of Dutch still life (the works are presented on my website on the "Classics" page in the gallery)

2019-2020 I painted copies of female portraits of artists of the 18th and 19th centuries (the works are presented on my website on the "Classics" page in the gallery)

2020-2021in connection with global events, with a sense of imprisonment and lack of oxygen, she began to express her feelings in works of a different style, did not give it a category, but, it turned out, sometimes it was close to surrealism, and sometimes to abstraction.

At the moment, I have more than 50 paintings written during the year, almost all of them in a large interior format.